ode to hurricane food


here comes gustav

hard boiled our eggstra eggs in case we lose power in the hurricane... mom always draws on the hard boiled ones so you know which is which, so now i do too..

hilary hachey

i came across this collection on scoutie girl.. they're by hilary hachey and can be purchased at artworks jewelry where she is currently the featured artist. so pretty..


drop me a line

i love love the rain card from PataPri...

as well as the other cards....

but since i never remember to write to people and i'm a compulsive list maker, maybe i need this lovely notepad from cicadastudio's etsy shop.


for my walls

i think these might be perfect for hanging in the living room....

you can find them at lulu dee's etsy shop.


$5 dollar find

jeremy may possibly be the coolest boyfriend EVER. while i was picking through an awesome $3 selection of maternity clothes for my sister, he found me these converse. and it wasnt as easy as it sounds.. there was an aisle of shoes just thrown on the shelves and he got down on his hands and knees and dug his way through to these lovely pink ones. i'm so lucky!


color revolution!

i have a ton of these little pillows. i plan on buying little bits of fabric that i find to cover them with.
here's some $1/yard fabric for my first pillow cover!

say no to plaid! (or at least to this plaid)

the problem:

a solution?

brown slipcover with green cord around the arm and upper detail dealies... maybe a bit across the front. and green cushions. let the color revolution begin.

what i've got to work with:

i've already bought myself another cheap bookcase to spread out the book collection.. it was crammed into one bookcase and very ugly looking. i sorted the books by color and LOVE it... (even if it's hard to find what you're looking for). i'm psyched about having a place for my green glass (besides the closet). i thought the darth vader happy meal box really added a bit of something to this picture.. no?

the hand-me-down couches.... one oh-so-plaid love seat and one slouching futon. baby courtesy of danielle speed.
hand-me-down recliner and end table.



i'm not sure what i'll be doing here... hopefully something, maybe not. suggestions?