Pink Party Invitations

Alice requested a pink party for her 4th birthday. She has been telling me she wants a pink party for most of the year, but I kept asking her in case she changed her mind. Usually she tells us her favorite color is green, but apparently so is pink. I'm trying to keep it color related, and non-princessy. She doesn't need anymore encouragement in the princess department, she is always pretending to be a princess (when she's not being a ninja turtle).

For the invitations, I used different shades of pink paper and vellum layered and secured with a ribbon. The invitations read:

We're having a party all in pink. 
It will be lots of fun, don't you think? 
Dress in pink and join the fun, 
pink looks good on everyone! 
What is this special pink party for? 
Our sweet Alice is turning 4!

I'm sure the boys will object to wearing pink and it's going to be very difficult to come up with pink party ideas when the only other kids there will be boys. We'll see what I can come up with.