wall-e birthday party

today we attended lane's 7th birthday party. the theme was wall-e, and danielle did some really neat-o things. the cake was fantastic and cute. i loved it! i love the oreo crumbs that look like dirt.

she also made those butterscotch haystacks, but formed them in ice cube trays so that they would look like little blocks like wall-e makes from trash.

i also like that she put the silverware in aaron's dump truck.. what a fun idea!

here's the birthday boy, he got a bean bag chair for playing video games in..

blowing out his candles..

aaron was very cheerful for the whole party..

oscar wore his wall-e shirt and his hand-me-down sweater. i thought he looked smashing!


whatnots for ninja

i had so much fun making these things for ninja...
i made a reversible leaf bib,
a reversible diaper tote,
and two pairs of booties that match the bib and tote. i had seen this pattern for kimono booties on etsy, and i thought they were super cute... i never ended up buying it, because i found this free tutorial. i made the first pair using the free pattern and then changed the next two until i liked them better. the same seller also had a leaf bib and i thought that was a good idea.

then i found this newborn hoodie in the clearance stuff at walmart... it looked so snugly and ohio statey that i had to get it. i had so much fun making the other booties (it's such a quick project!) that i thought i'd make him some to match his hoodie (and dad's diaper tote).
i hope the booties stay on alright.. i'm going to need some feedback so i know whether or not to keep making them (or if the pattern should be changed some more). i had thought about making some for my favorite breastfeeding clients when they have their babies.

michelle ramin

i have this post saved in my bloglines, and every time this painting comes up, i love it... i dont see it on her website, so i'm guessing it's sold since tuesday...


breastfeeding class

i'm getting ready to go to hattiesburg with kristen. we're going to observe a breastfeeding class in preparation for our class on the 16th. the LS for that county requested a batch of booby cupcakes for the class, so i whipped some up last night. i'm going to be a booby cupcake expert soon! i'm excited for tonight.. it feels almost like a girls night out (only i'm getting paid for it!)



i just finished up the things i was making for ninja! yay!

oscar kept asking "whatcha makin'?"

and i'd say "a _____"

and he'd say "for ninja?"

and i'd say "yeah! for ninja!"

saying that over and over kept him occupied for about 15 minutes.

now i'm off to wrap and pack so that monday morning i can ship! i'll post pictures once the package makes it to ohio.

ps. this is my 100th post! woo!


game night

tonight we had a family fun game night. jeremy had the day off and spent it fishing with his buddy in mobile. when he got home we surprised him with a beautiful picture (from oscar), some chocolate covered pecans (shelled and dipped by me), and johnny marsetti for dinner. after that, jeremy won our 3 hour game of trivial pursuit and i thoroughly kicked his butt at boggle. we both decided that we should have game night more often. oscar didnt participate in the games, but did get lots of fritos and chocolate milk.



yay! we finally get to have a breastfeeding class for wayne county! kristen put me in charge of making the invitation/flier. the one in front is for mailing out and handing out to people. the one in back has all the dates for the year and is for posting on bulletin boards at the health dept, hospital and drs office.


this is what strawberry shortcake's mittens look like.

been reading...

i just finished reading these books a few days ago. i'm still not sure how much i really liked them.. i suppose i liked them enough to finish them. some parts were annoyingly predictable, and some things were so repetitive... but still something to read.



we had a good 'ol m'issippi fish fry for nana's 53rd birthday. catfish (caught by jeremy in august), hush puppies, french fries, coleslaw and lots of homemade tartar sauce.

nana opened presents. she got lots of elvis stuff and was very happy. she also got a tube of lotion that oscar wanted to smell for the next hour or so.

for dessert, danielle made a delicious pineapple upside down cake. i happened upon an 80 pack of birthday candles at dollar tree, so we put 54 candles in her cake.

it took awhile to pick them out, and there was still plenty of wax left on the top of the cake, but it was fun.


we finally finished the new years eve puzzle on monday. i finished it up during the day while i watched the boys. we managed to lose two pieces.. i'm guessing oscar put one in the trash and aaron ate one.


flowers from my sweetheart

i woke up with a cold this morning and headed to the grocery store while jeremy stayed home to do the laundry. when i got home he had left these flowers next to the computer. what a sweetheart!


spring cleaning

ok.. so it's not spring yet, but i tackled a project i've been putting off forever. two of our closets were cluttered with bags full of fabric/scraps/yarn/patterns. i went and bought some containers and sorted most of the fabric (sorta by color.. i wish i had more containers). i even got a flat one that i filled with yarn and shoved under the bed.

now i just have to get rid of the rest of the clutter in the closets...


another birthday, another bag dispenser.

jeremy's mom's birthday is coming up next tuesday, so i whipped up a bag dispenser because she seemed a little bummed that she didnt get one for christmas.


hot date

last saturday when i was supposed to be calling ten million people for work jeremy talked me into going on a date instead. here we are getting ready to drop oscar off at nana's house.

we picked up a few things at target (new jeans! yay!) and went to see valkyrie. neither of us were crazy about the movie, but neither of us are tom cruz fans, either. after the movie we went to chili's for dinner and it was really yummy. we didnt get home until nearly midnight, but it was so much fun.

(i spent most of sunday in front of the computer with a phone attached to my head to make up for it)


and so it begins...

last night was oscar's first night in his crib. we're cheating to start off with.. i put him in sometime around 1am. i was supposed to wait for him to fall asleep, but i fell asleep too. the phone rang a little after 6 and he woke up screaming. i brought him back to bed with me after that. today, after getting rocked to sleep, i put him in his crib and he had a good long nap. i suppose this is a start.

a p.s. for aunt robyn and uncle mike - oscar's sitting on the floor next to me with his potty book saying 'TO THE POTTY!'

hello '09

we had a marathon new years celebration this year, here are some of the highlights:

oscar showing off his new year's eve tattoo and lane looking handsome in his new reading glasses.

we had cheese balls. one with nuts and one without. and decorations from last year.

'cept for these beauties. i checked walmart for snowflake lights on sale, but only found stars. i bought a couple boxes and we hung them up for new years.

after dinner, we opened christmas presents and shared some hugs

i bought some glowing fun at dollar tree. we had lots of fun putting on our glowing earrings and such. lane got a glow sword and oscar got a glow wand.

and there was a puzzle, of course. i'll let you know when we finish it up and i get my table back.

we got lane some kind of crayola light thing for christmas.. here he is practicing drawing stars. this is a cool toy.. i played with it as much as he did.

everyone fell asleep while danielle and i were working on the puzzle.

the next morning i made waffles for everyone and we spent new years day working on the puzzle and watching a movie. then we had some black eye peas and turnip greens with cornbread for dinner. mmm.


i got a waffle maker from chris, angie, gavin and abby for christmas, so the first meal i made when we got home was waffles! we went all out and picked up some frozen berries, blueberry syrup and cool whip for on top. they were delicious!


i forgot to take pictures of my other project. i made mike an ohio state diaper tote. i was really happy with how it turned out. jeremy was wishing he had a jets one when he took oscar to watch football with his buddy, so maybe mike will be able to put it to good use. here is a picture of oscar bonding with uncle mike. he saw a hat on the dresser today and told me that it was uncle mike's.

update: robyn sent some pictures of the diaper tote. thank you!

cutie bootie

when mom and dad came to visit in november, i bought one of these patterns on etsy. mom taught me how to read the pattern and a bunch of stitches i didnt know. after working with it a long time and changing the pattern, we came up with some booties. i made a pair of red and grey ones for ninja. i figure he'll have plenty of red and grey clothes to wear them with. i'm also really excited that i can crochet something besides a scarf now! yay!

thanksgiving trees

i thought i'd post about the things i made for christmas. i couldnt post about them earlier, since it would spoil the surprise.

for robyn and angie, i made thanksgiving trees. i used felt and ribbon and stitch witchery... the only sewing i did on it was on the little pouch that holds the pins and leaves. each year they can hang it on the wall and write things they're thankful for on the leaves. pinning the paper leaves on the tree was the only thing i could come up with, but maybe i'll think of a better way to do it someday. i also hope to find some cute little photo albums or something to keep the leaves from previous years in.