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fall makeup and outfit

So I avoided this post for so long that now it's late... but here it is anyway.  A couple of my favorite fall makeup looks and a fall outfit.  The makeup above is my go-to on-the-go look, simple eye and whatever lipstick/gloss I happen to grab out of my purse. I believe I used Maybelline's BB cream in light, Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch concealer in ivory,  E.L.F. Tone correcting powder,  Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine, Maybelline's The Falsies Black Drama mascara, and Wet n' Wild Walking on Eggshells eyeshadow trio. The lipstick was Revlon Lip Butter in red velvet.   

This one was the same BB cream, concealer, powder and mascara with E.L.F. Studio Blush in candid coral, Wet n' Wild Color Icon eyeshadow collection in comfort zone, Italia green and gold eyeliners, and a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in peach petal.

And this is an example of the sort of thing I've been wearing a lot this fall. I do light layers since it's usually warm in Mississippi. For this trip to the grocery store I was wearing a tank top (target), light short-sleeved cardigan (target), jeans (cato), boots (cato) and a scarf. 

This post is the outfit and make up for for my GABI Autumn (Photo) Bucket List. My list is done and done! Hoorah!


more apron making

Danielle told me in advance (more than 6 months in advance) that she wanted me to make her an apron for her birthday.  The other sisters have already been outfitted in aprons, so hers was LONG overdue. I used the criss cross apron pattern again and she seems to be happy with it. We also did a lot of girly fun things for her birthday - like pedicures, face masks, lots of pinning and style quizzes. It was a fun weekend!


awesome aprons for amazing angie and adorable abby

i've got so much catching up to do! here are the aprons i made for angie and abby

i was really happy with the end result. i liked the little bit of gathering i did on the pockets and the ties for the neck and waist. neither of which you can see in the picture.

wrapped them up pretty with some wooden spoons and extra ribbon

abby pretending to taste test

mother-daughter aprons! yay!



i haven't posted on here in ages, so here's something new. i finally finished my apron! i had already made one apron, but wanted one with straps that criss crossed in the back. i've spent so much time working on things for work and world breastfeeding week that it felt weird to be working on something just for fun.

i only got one picture taken before aaron and oscar decided they wanted their pictures taken too

here is the front with two nice big pockets. it's a bit wonky as i used a pattern that wasn't meant to have criss cross straps.

and the back with criss cross straps. i've wanted an apron like this for ages because i dont care for the neck strap most of the time. and ruffles make me feel pretty.

and another picture of the boys - aaron is sweeping his head - and according to oscar's underpants, he's got aaron's back.


whatnots for ninja

i had so much fun making these things for ninja...
i made a reversible leaf bib,
a reversible diaper tote,
and two pairs of booties that match the bib and tote. i had seen this pattern for kimono booties on etsy, and i thought they were super cute... i never ended up buying it, because i found this free tutorial. i made the first pair using the free pattern and then changed the next two until i liked them better. the same seller also had a leaf bib and i thought that was a good idea.

then i found this newborn hoodie in the clearance stuff at walmart... it looked so snugly and ohio statey that i had to get it. i had so much fun making the other booties (it's such a quick project!) that i thought i'd make him some to match his hoodie (and dad's diaper tote).
i hope the booties stay on alright.. i'm going to need some feedback so i know whether or not to keep making them (or if the pattern should be changed some more). i had thought about making some for my favorite breastfeeding clients when they have their babies.


keeping busy

booby cupcakes

monday was the christmas meeting/party for work. after many requests, i whipped up another batch of booby cupcakes for the occasion. these turned out a lot more realistic looking than the last batch, but also took some extra time. they were a big hit.. they got a bigger reaction this time around, possibly because there were more hard-core pro-breastfeeding people there. there were none left by the end of the party.. several people wanted to take one home to show their family.

we played dirty santa and i got this ring, isnt it cute? i'm glad no one stole it from me.

after the party we finished up the christmas shopping and i looked for a coat.. and looked and looked and looked. i was ready to head home, but i stopped at one more place and found this coat. its not exactly what i was looking for, but its close enough. it also happens to be a JLo coat.. danielle and i were joking about my JLo coat and Hilary Duff glasses.

oscar and i also ran into santa while we were in the mall. he really liked talking to santa and didnt want to leave.

now i've got to finish up a few projects i'm working on for christmas, and wrap wrap wrap! (and pack pack pack!)


happy 1/2 birthday to abby!

abby's turning 6 months old on sunday! here is what i sent her. (well.. i had already bought the shoes on sale, the 1/2 birthday was really just a good excuse for sending random shoes)


um felt tote

i love this bag by josh jakus.. i wonder what it feels like.  is it awkward to carry? would it have room for oscar's daipers? would oscar unzip it and spill the contents all over?  at $115, i may never know.. but it's still neat to look at.
look at/buy it at the curiosity shoppe.  also check out some of their other fun stuff.. like this mustache key holder. who doesnt need one of those?


$5 dollar find

jeremy may possibly be the coolest boyfriend EVER. while i was picking through an awesome $3 selection of maternity clothes for my sister, he found me these converse. and it wasnt as easy as it sounds.. there was an aisle of shoes just thrown on the shelves and he got down on his hands and knees and dug his way through to these lovely pink ones. i'm so lucky!