21 weeks

figured i should go ahead and post this - now that i'm actually 22 weeks...

blueberry muffins

a couple weeks ago while jeremy was off to new orleans for work, i whipped up some of these blueberry muffins. they were pretty yummy and oscar and i ate them for days so that i didn't have to think about what to cook next. he didn't seem to mind!



oscar made an H! i didn't even know he knew how to make an H... it wasn't really a letter he has practiced, so, surprise! he was drawing on his chalkboard and then all of a sudden he calls me over to see his H. he seems to have a much easier time with letters that are all straight lines..

dinner pancakes

so a couple weeks ago robyn sent me an email with the link to these dinner pancakes. i thought it sounded a bit strange at first.. what's a dinner pancake? i NEVER make pancakes for breakfast or lunch... they're alway dinner pancakes! but these sounded yummy, so they went on the grocery list. i doubled the recipe because my pancake recipe made tons of pancakes (something like this - but without the sugar, nuts and bananas) and used a large zucchini and some broccoli. i ran out of room in my two cups of veggies - i was hoping to add some carrots. they were pretty good. jeremy thought they were FANTASTIC, i was a bit so-so because i kept expecting them to taste a bit more like potato pancakes for some reason, and oscar wasn't very impressed (but maybe they'll grow on him). so i was thinking about doing some sort of potato/dinner pancake hybrid. doesn't that sound wonderful?


shower invitations

ok, so i really wanted to just print the names on the envelopes and be done with these, but that's not really how it turned out. either my printer just isnt so good at envelopes or there is some trick to it that i can't figure out. so i made little labels, which i guess is cuter anyway...

i printed these seals for on the back, but the flap goes so low that it looked better just as an accent.

i really liked the invitation i posted in my inspiration board dealy, so i sorta went from there with these. that umbrella part folds down....

and then there is a sheet of rain. (how many of my co-workers do you think will notice that the bottom flap looks rather breast-like?)

and then it opens up again with the information on the inside. the more i look at the inside the less i like it.. but they are done and stamped and that's good enough for me right now!


fluff wish list

while i was shopping around for gender neutral diapers, i also noticed a few girly ones i'd love to have in the collection. these were placed in my mental "if it happens to be a girl" list. i dont want to go too crazy with girly diapers, because i hope to use these diapers with another baby that may not be a girl. but these ones are just too sweet to pass up.

1. is a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in flowers. i haven't really looked into this brand, but just love those bright flowers!
2. is a Thirsties Duo Wrap in alice brights. i already have one of this brand and would like more since they should be good for newborns (i'm thinking the bummis is probably about the same).
3. and then there's this gdiaper in girly girl ruffle. oh my gosh. i dont think i need to say anything else about that cute ruffly bum.

my stash so far

so we've decided that this baby around we're going to give cloth diapers a go. i think that if i had internet access when i was expecting oscar he probably would have ended up in cloth as well - since the internet seems to be the only place around here that you can learn about and buy cloth diapers. it's slightly terrifying to jump into this because of the lack of in-apartment washer and dryer, but maybe not as terrifying to me as the thought of landfills overflowing with poopy plastic time bombs.. ew.

so this is what i have so far. i'm adding to the collection a little bit at a time... since most of these are a cover with various absorbent innards, the covers get more than one use per day (unless they get pooped on..) so in theory, this should be about 20 diapers if you count inserts and prefolds instead of covers.

these ones are flip one size covers. in theory they will fit the baby from about 8lbs until potty training. i got two different kinds of inserts to try out - organic cotton on the left and stay-dry on the right. from what i read, most one size diapers wont fit right away, so these might have to wait a few weeks to be used.

and then i have two little gpants because they are just SO darn cute. SO CUTE! i have the gcloth inserts to go with them and there is also a disposable (flushable, compostable) insert that can be used with these.

and this is an option that is supposed to work with a newborn. prefold diapers and a (cute) cover. and instead of pins i bought two snappis diaper fasteners because diaper pins scare me.

and then the last ones in the stash are two one size pocket diapers i got for free with a coupon code at kelly's closet. we'll see how they work.. i'd really like to have a few one size fuzzi bunz in my stash, so maybe that will be next on my list!

anyway... cloth diaper research has been occupying a lot of my time (and brain), so i thought it should be mentioned on here. plus i had all the diapers out because i was showing kristen some options and helping her with a diaper registry.

guess what?

it's a girl! (or at least the dr. was 80% sure) i'm not sure that 80% is enough to have me completely convinced, so hopefully we'll get another peek later to confirm things. after the appointment we went to walmart to buy a few girl things to celebrate. jeremy picked out some newborn sleepers -

and i picked out this purple striped newborn onesie. oscar picked out some newborn gowns, but i'm not a huge fan of those because of cold tootsies, so we didn't get them. now i feel really bad about it because he didn't get to pick anything that we actually bought (besides picking his favorite sleeper out of the pack). but there's still plenty of time for that, i suppose.

it was very strange shopping for girl clothes!!! i've spent the past 4 years not looking too closely at them because it always made me worry that i might not ever have a girl. so hopefully that 80% is right - although at the same time i was a bit sad not to be using some of those really cute boy clothes that i saw when sorting last weekend...


belly shot

i hope this is starting to look more like baby and less like too many pancakes.... ultrasound is thursday and we might get to find out the gender! am crossing my fingers that jeremy makes it home in time. we were pretty excited because we thought for sure he'd be able to make it to an appointment at 6:15 in the evening, but now that he's in new orleans for the week, we're not so sure.

date night!

oscar was pretty upset about jeremy going out of town this week, and i needed to make a trip to hattiesburg, so i figured we'd stop somewhere quick to eat and call it a date night. BUT... after buying what i needed at michael's, there just happened to be a little carnival going on right outside in the parking lot!

what are the chances? on a tuesday? i was tempted to spoil our dinner with a funnel cake, but instead oscar rode the two car rides they had.

and then we went for pizza at chuck e. cheese's! this was oscar's very first time ever going to chuck e. cheese's and he is now in love.

he pretty much loved everything with a steering wheel - especially this school bus.

and i loved pictures for $.25 a pop.



last weekend we headed over nana's house for a cookout. it kept threatening to rain, but held off until later in the evening.

i finally took a few pictures of the garden that jeremy worked so hard on (you know.. now that its overgrown and not making us any fruits and veggies....)

all i did was the signs - we dug around the yard and found scraps of wood to make all of them with.

and here is the humongous watermelon from the garden. i'm not really sure that you can fully appreciate the size of it from this angle.. i should have taken a picture of it while we were tripping over it in the kitchen for weeks.

the boys ended the evening with a dip in the pool while it was dark and raining. danielle and i sorted some baby clothes - there are still tons that haven't been looked through, but i may as well wait until after the next ultrasound to look anymore.