busy busy!

we've been busy busy around here getting ready for our trip to ohio! we leave tomorrow! YAY! the boys have been busy too:

finding creative uses for used up wrapping paper rolls

and christmas picnic lunches in the living room (may as well since we STILL dont have new carpet. plus the table was/is buried under wrapping supplies)
ok.. back to packing...


mail for oscar

look what came for oscar today!

and look how excited he was!


had a great time at the LLL retreat this weekend! met some nice ladies and had lots of fun!

view from the room

a boat parade!


found these after leaving the camera on the chair to charge the battery... hm...



tree fetching '09

here are some pictures from our annual christmas tree fetching!

oscar and a stick.. that boy sure loves a good stick.

trying to get a picture of us with our tree

there we go!

the traditional picture of jeremy climbing through the car window after strapping the tree on top

we did a run by tree-ing at nana's house. she called to see if we had left a tree at her house and i tried to lie, but she didn't believe me.