camping - night 1

it was around 10ish when we finally made it to the campsite this weekend.. we pretty much had our choice of campsites, so we tried to look around a bit. we ended up getting the same site as our last camping trip in may. besides the fact that 6-9 is my birthday, it's a nice little campsite.

we set up the tent while oscar sat in his stroller and ate a cheeseburger (isnt that horrible? a cheeseburger for dinner at 10?). we thought it was funny how calm and natural he acted sitting there in the woods with his cheeseburger. after we got him cleaned and changed and pajama-ed and sleeping, we unpacked a bit. we noticed that there were TONS of HUGE spiders ALL OVER. i'm normally pretty friendly to spiders, but i felt like i was surrounded.. so jeremy took care of them for me.

after the spider massacre of '08, jeremy made a fire and we enjoyed glowy candles, yummy snacks and spending time alone together.

and of course, there was boggle! jeremy is a very good loser when it comes to boggle playing. for awhile when i was pregnant i had to be the good loser, as my boggle playing skills seemed to suffer. we stayed up until after 4am hanging out.

(boggle photo from a previous boggle night)


gone campin'

i decided about 45 minutes ago that we should go camping this weekend, so we're off on a spontaneous camping trip! here is a picture from our last camping trip...

hopefully there will be less people and stuff this time around...


lactating breast cupcakes

i thought i'd make some cupcakes to celebrate the last day of training for being a breastfeeding peer counselor.. and what better way to celebrate than booby cupcakes! i used strawberry cake mix for the cupcakes, a fluff cream filling recipe, a recipe of butter cream and this recipe for chocolate frosting. i was originally going to buy chocolate frosting, but waited until the very last minute and the only store open was out! anyway.. tada!

i think if there is ever an occasion to make them again, i might try to decorate them differently... i'm on the fence about the filling recipe too.. but that chocolate frosting recipe was easy and yummy, so it's a keeper.

also.. while i was gone, oscar was staying with his nana and learned how to say 'booby cupcake'.. it's pretty darn cute...


training - day 2

training today was a lot shorter.. only 2 1/2 hours. i actually spent more time in the car than in the conference room. i got to wear my new purple jacket dealy.. isnt it cute? not nearly as cute as oscar though...
only one more day of training and then i get to start calling clients!
(side note - that is the jean skirt that i made, i'm thinking about selling some similar to this)


first day of training... check!

today was my first day of training to be a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor. it was 3 hours of driving and 6 hours of training and lots of fun. i learned lots of good stuff. i'll have more training tomorrow and again next tuesday. i took tortilla pinwheels to share for lunch and have some leftovers, yay! i had to paint my fingernails because when i touched up my roots my glove had a hole in the finger and now i have a black nail... oops


cake makin'

danielle requested a yellow cake with butter cream frosting for her birthday, so i found this butterfly cake template to use because she loves butterflies. i thought it was a great template because it didnt waste any cake.. (not that i wouldn't have eaten any scraps)
i didnt purposely buy a betty crocker cake to go with the betty crocker template.. i noticed when i was about to make the cake and thought it was funny.
here's the cake all cut and ready for decorating. i used twinkies (or generic twinkies) for the body of the butterfly.
oscar helped me make the frosting.
we both tested it to make sure it met our butter cream standards
since it was just right, we cleaned up the beaters. this was oscar's first beater licking experience.

he was very upset when it ended.. i cant really blame him.

so i added some colors (immediately regretting the pink and purple and wishing i had gone with yellow and orange) and made a plan of attack
and here we go!
i love decorating cakes because you get to eat your mistakes.
i drew some flowers and wrote happy birthday on the foil.. eating the frosting off of the foil was lane's favorite part.
jeremy was in charge of pyrotechnics. danielle gave her wish a lot of thought.

a happy birthday girl and a happier lane with a frosted twinkie.


presents for danielle

i made danielle a couple things for her birthday..
a diaper tote for a few diapers and wipes
and a bag dispenser that matches her kitchen for reusing plastic grocery bags


banana pancake friday

aunt jemima makes some tasty whole wheat pancake mix...

but i like to add bananas.. here is our favorite chiquita sticker.

here's what it looks like on

it fits all different size foreheads

even small ones

anyway.. so.. bananas and pancake mix.

stir it all up, yum yum

mmm. pancakes.

happy 1/2 birthday to abby!

abby's turning 6 months old on sunday! here is what i sent her. (well.. i had already bought the shoes on sale, the 1/2 birthday was really just a good excuse for sending random shoes)


painting fun

last weekend i picked up some watercolors at the grocery store and we sat down to show oscar how to paint. here are our masterpieces. jeremy added a rainbow to his to make it more missy friendly, and i added a dead bird to mine to make it more jeremy friendly. i'm hoping we can make some time every weekend for doing something like this.. it's nice together time.

we thought about doing this during weekly family crafty time


rain rain go away!

usually i love the rain, but it seems to rain every time jeremy has a softball game. he got completely rained out last night, and tonight only got in 4 innings before they called it. (they won though! yay!!!)


family fun and grandparent goodies

my granny and my sister.. definitely related. and PERTY! the wedding photo of robyn is by janice kushner.

i think i was channeling my grandma yesterday when i bought this polka dot shirt! i didnt see this picture until this evening.. now i love my new shirt even MORE!


happy belated grandparent's day

i'm a few minutes late, but i thought i should post some pictures of my grandparents for grandparent's day. i miss you super awesome grandparents! (that little blond munchkin is me when i was small and cute.)

granny and grandpa j

grandma and grandpa henderson


matchbook cuteness

the other night i was looking at some tutorials for matchbook notepads.. here at glitterstar designs and here at mr. monkeysuit.. and had a few minutes to spare around 3am last night, so i got out some white construction paper that i bought for in a flower press and some contact paper i got at a dollar store and whipped up these cuties:

and the very next morning, i saw this post on the scoop for these super cute matchbook calling cards on story by mia's etsy shop:


design*sponge saves the day?

this might be the solution.. the only problem would be finding fabric that i like for the job.. walmart's selection doesnt really tickle my fancy.

gustav passed us by...

but the eggs weren't so fortunate