menu monday

mondays keep coming and all the posts i've been wanting to do just aren't getting done! so here's another menu monday - shopping and meal planning is currently weird.  i'm thinking about switching to a mid-week shopping trip since i've been promoted to lactation specialist and will be working in waynesboro one day a week. it seems silly to drive back a day or two later to pick up groceries if i'm already going to be in town anyway!

saturday - tortilla pinwheels and pringles - this was really a last minute meal of leftovers and junk - but that's ok. we spent the whole day in hattiesburg at the LLL family day breastfeeding awareness celebration and then doing some shopping for halloween supplies.

sunday - toasted roast beef, tomato, and swiss sandwiches with roasted green beans.

monday - veggie burgers on flat buns and sweet potato fries - i forgot to get avocado! boo!

tuesday - pizza and green beans

wednesday - butternut squash and spicy sausage soup

thursday - lemon garlic spaghetti and some sort of vegetable

friday - meatloaf, roasted herbed potatoes and green beans

my co-worker's last day is thursday, and i'm excited to be starting the new job! i love meeting the clients in person instead of on the phone all the time. also, i'll have an office - which means i'll have less work stuff taking up space in my bedroom! yay!


1st day of school

**this blog is from september 20th but somehow didn't get posted!**


thought i would go ahead and post pictures from oscar's first day of school.... which was a month ago.

oscar is doing a great job in school and we always get positive reports from his teacher. they are working on the letter D this week and have all sorts of fun things coming up in the next month! there will be a field trips and lunches with family members and fall photos! i volunteered to be the parent representative for oscar's classroom - i have no idea what's involved in that, but no one else wanted to do it! and i think jeremy is planning on building some cubbies for the classroom for their bookbags and blankets and such.

and here is oscar's first day riding the school bus! 


menu monday

let's see.. i don't have any yummy pictures for this week - oops! but here is alice after a bath after being covered in sweet potato - see - food related. i was so hungry for pasta when i made the shopping list this week!

saturday - lemon garlic spaghetti - found this one on pinterest and it was delicious!

sunday - greek chicken pasta - please put gloria's harvest pitted salad mix in there. we didn't know we liked anything besides black olives before trying those - i'm hooked now. yum. i dont think the chicken is necessary in this (jeremy does - of course). but definitely put in some yummy olives!

monday - tuna salad sandwiches and green beans - a quick dinner before a meeting at school

tuesday - spaghetti and meatballs and salad - pasta pasta pasta!

wednesday - sweet potato burritos - had an earlier soccer practice last week, so these got bumped from the rotation. i did cook the beans and get them divided up in the freezer for faster prep time. these might get bumped again since i'll be working wednesday and i'm thinking about doing the grocery shopping that night to save a trip to town.

thursday - jalapeno shrimp and pasta - this one is in a cookbook. i'll try to blog it if it's a success.

friday - pizza and green beans - we're doing homemade pizza this week (oscar's request - he wants to put his basil leaves on it)

saturday morning we'll be headed to a breastfeeding awareness walk and la leche league potluck. i'm thinking about taking one savory and one sweet dish - any suggestions? we have some errands to run afterwards (fabric store! craft store!), so i need something that will get eaten and not go to waste in a hot car! i'm thinking chocolate truffle pie and..........?


7 months

i think alice is going to be an actress - check out this five minute photo shoot.  we've got happy





and drunken silliness (which reminded me of another cute kid i know.....)

anyway... alice is awesomeness. she's been rolling and scooting all over the place. she's trying lots of new foods - though still getting mainly breast milk - not much else actually gets in. if i peel a whole apple and give it to her she likes to hold it and gnaw at it. she's been doing lots of talking and shouting and still adores her big brother.


menu monday

super boring this week - was trying for simple things since jeremy expects to be in birmingham part of the week.

saturday - molasses-orange-glazed-chicken salads.  mixed greens, sliced glazed chicken, tomato, onion, orange chunks, toasted walnuts, homemade croutons and honey mustard dressing.  this was danielle's birthday dinner request and was mmm mmm good.  for dessert we had the above tiramisu layer cake which was SO good. jeremy's mom requested one for her birthday and the whole cake was finished off before everyone left that night.

sunday - tuna salad sandwiches and green beans. snore. (so boring that we almost forgot to eat dinner)
monday - pizza and green beans (oscar's request, of course!)

tuesday - whole grain banana walnut pancakes. these are already done and in the freezer - just need to heat and serve with some bananas. i should have extra cream from the soup, so i may be able to whip up some maple whipped cream...

wednesday - butternut squash and spicy sausage soup.  i took pictures - i think i even arranged them in a blog post... now i just need to finish the post so that you can make some of this. because it's good. really good.

thursday - sweet potato burritos. uh oh - i think i forgot cilantro. i think i need to buy some cilantro in a tube for times like these.  i almost bought some a couple months ago, but stopped after looking at the ingredients.

friday - ???? this will probably be quesadillas - probably tuesday or wednesday night - probably just me and oscar (and alice)


menu monday

this week i'm trying to use up some things in the pantry and freezer.

saturday -  fresh tomato basil soup, grilled mozzarella and gouda cheese sandwiches, roasted asparagus. oscar requested grilled cheese, and we ha a ton of bread to use up. the fresh homemade tomato soup was yum-eee

sunday - cajun baked catfish, smoked gouda cheese grits, cool southwestern salad. i guess i was feeling ambitious to try three new recipes in one night.  the catfish was not my favorite - but jeremy said it probably had more to do with the fish than with the recipe. the southwestern salad was ok - i really expected to love it, but i think i was a bit too heavy-handed with the dressing. the cheese grits were AWESOME. i ate the leftovers for breakfast. this used up a big bag of catfish and cleared out some freezer space.

monday - we're invited to a luau today!

tuesday - venison roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes in the slow cooker. i think this is the last of our venison stash.

wednesday - cabbage roll casserole - cabbage roll flavors in a lasagna layout. this will use up a bag of chopped cabbage that's in the fridge.

thursday - rice pasta w/ homemade spaghetti sauce and sauteed mushrooms, spinach salad.  that rice pasta has been in my cupboard for ages! i also already have the sauce frozen.

friday - chicken stir fry. this will use up chicken and veggies in the freezer, teriyaki sauce, and whatever other veggies didnt make it into other meals this week.