gold standard

had a great time at breastfeeding: the gold standard conference! i learned so much new information and had tons and tons of fun! here we are playing in new orleans:

now i'm in high gear to get everything ready for the world breastfeeding week picnic! one of our fundraisers is a cash drawing - chances are $2 per ticket and the winner gets half of the ticket money! the other half goes to la leche league (with most of it staying in waynesboro!). if anyone wants to buy a ticket just send a check or use paypal and i'll put your name in the drawing.

a few easter pictures

this year we had a picnic at turkey fork for easter. the weather was PERFECT and it was hard to keep the boys out of the water (aaron actually fell in).

relaxing after lunch
oscar had so much fun with the egg hunt this year. he would get super excited and run and make all sorts of silly noises every time he spotted another egg. he ended up finding most of the prize eggs and we had to re-hide a couple for aaron to find!

relay for life

jeremy's mom's church was having a special fundraising event in state line for relay for life. they planned a bake sale/live music/food vendors/face painting(me). i made some treats for the bake sale: mini loaves of pumpkin, sweet potato, and banana bread, flower cupcakes and bunny cupcakes. a lot of work went into the event, but it started raining just as we were about to start! it poured and poured and no one came. they still raised some money by calling people and selling food plates and baked goods over the phone.

oscar came to buy a cupcake and he let me give him an easter bunny on his cheek, so i raised $1 with the face painting! (yes, that is chocolate cupcake on his hat...)

egg dying

here is a very very late post about our egg dying! this year we tried dying eggs using silk ties from the thrift store (first set of eggs). it was pretty neat how it worked, but you didnt really get to do much with the eggs, so not sure if we'll repeat or not. oscar did a great job with his eggs this year (second set of eggs) - he didn't even break any!