i haven't posted on here in ages, so here's something new. i finally finished my apron! i had already made one apron, but wanted one with straps that criss crossed in the back. i've spent so much time working on things for work and world breastfeeding week that it felt weird to be working on something just for fun.

i only got one picture taken before aaron and oscar decided they wanted their pictures taken too

here is the front with two nice big pockets. it's a bit wonky as i used a pattern that wasn't meant to have criss cross straps.

and the back with criss cross straps. i've wanted an apron like this for ages because i dont care for the neck strap most of the time. and ruffles make me feel pretty.

and another picture of the boys - aaron is sweeping his head - and according to oscar's underpants, he's got aaron's back.


Class Invitations

(i posted this on the breastfeeding ideas blog, but robyn thought i should also post it on here)

This afternoon I finished up work on our class invitations. We are planning a special extra fun class for August and so we wanted special invitations. They're ready to be addressed, stamped and mailed.

I printed the invitations on the front and back of card stock and cut them out.

Then added a little insert with some information about this year's WBW theme. I plan to use the back of these to write notes to a few moms on. I can email a .pdf of this if anyone wants to print some for WBW, there are four per page (just let me know if you want color or black and white).

Overlapped the flaps and sealed with "Breastfeeding does a world of good" stickers from noodle soup!

I think it would be fun to have a game that would show moms the advantages of breastfeeding during emergency situations (especially hurricanes), but I haven't come up with any specifics yet. Any ideas anyone?


baby blog

kristen and i were talking about how to share ideas with other people in our district and she suggested doing a blog.. of course i was all over that and had one started two minutes later! we're hoping that everyone from our district will become authors and contribute to the blog. so far, it's just me.. so if you want to see some work things i've been doing, head on over!


4th of july

we had a fabulous 4th of july weekend. jeremy had friday off, so we woke up early and went to maynor creek to swim in the lake. (no sign of alligators this year, yay!) then we got a milkshake and did grocery shopping. the rest of the day was spent making goodies for the bbq (heath bar cake, cup cake cheesecakes and lemon bars) and playing a game of trivial pursuit (jeremy totally killed me). saturday we spent all day at aunt janie's and then went to see fireworks. sunday we relaxed.

a few pictures from our 4th of july bbq at aunt janie's house-

aunt janie bought a pool for the kids to play in. i sat in it with oscar and aaron for awhile. oscar loved it (cept when he'd fall under). i can't wait until he can take swimming lessons! aaron wasn't so sure about it and stayed glued to me for awhile.

oscar helping uncle jimmy ray cook

and telling winston he's a good dog

the men that did all the good grilling - uncle jimmy ray, jeremy and uncle nigel. aaron giving uncle jj lots of love.

aunt janie enjoyed the time with her nephews, jeremy and danielle laughing while they played family feud, oscar enjoying the pool, oscar and aaron running around (i just typed 'funning' on accident, but i suppose that works too.), and cousin sheldon gave oscar kool-aid and became his insta-buddy.

we spent all day at aunt janie's house and then had to rush to throw everything into the car to make it to the fireworks. we made it in time and the fireworks were great. oscar actually paid attention to them this year and loved them. i told him my favorite are the crackling ones and he said his favorite are the blue ones.

bread baking

last thursday i made some spur of the moment bread..

i have to agree with robyn about the warm fuzzies from bread baking. especially while wearing a cute apron.. this is the second time i made this recipe.. i watched some videos to learn how to braid the bread (actually.. i watched three different videos and they did it differently in each one..). half of the recipe made two loaves that size (not that you can tell how big that is from the picture..). i threw in some wheat flour this time, but not much.

p.s. - oscar just climbed on the bed and sat down next to me with a book and said, "by dr. seuss" what a cutie.