wow. yum.

on sunday jeremy and i made these stuffed pablanos for lunch. they were SO delicious! they were also really easy to make - a little bit of chopping and blending and then bake! we served them with some brown rice with a sprinkle of lime juice and corn on the cob. we really need a good green vegetable suggestion for with mexican type food. we ate them again for dinner and i just ate the last one today for lunch! i've already put them on the menu again for next week.

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LLL Picnic

we had a wonderful World Breastfeeding Week Picnic this year at Maynor Creek Water Park. as with every outdoor charity event i've participated in this year, it rained (and i really thought it wouldn't!! only 20% chance of rain). but it didn't rain until near the end of the picnic!

left to right: lexi, michelle, christy holding shepard, monicah and chrimson, scotie, me and oscar, denise, melissa, patrick and kristen

top photo is me and michelle, bottom photo is me and denise. i love these LLLadies! michelle was a huge help with the picnic and denise is just so sweet and crazy!

i did some face painting - pretty much just butterflies and batmans (i totally love that chrimson wanted the batman face - coolest little girl ever - am i right?) here is patrick with a batman face and scotie with a butterfly

top photo: christy, shepard and monicah

bottom photo: aunt janie, oscar and nana

had lots of fun just hanging out and visiting - sorry i didn't get more pictures!


manly men

....or not

oscar and aaron have been getting in touch with their feminine side by carrying babies in their tummies (aaron uses the giraffe because we only have one baby - i think we'll have to get another)

and oscar was breastfeeding his baby. someday i'll have to explain to him that usually mommy breastfeeds the babies, but right now it's just too darn cute.

i'm not sure if this is still breastfeeding or not

and this is oscar using his bug grabbers to pluck daddy's eyebrows..


soggy boy

oscar finally got to take his boots out for a good puddle splashing. maybe he needs a raincoat to go with?


rainbow cookies!

the boys and i made some rainbow cookies a few weeks ago - they did a really great job and had lots of fun (making AND eating). we were doing things with the letter R that day.