here are a couple pictures from 37weeks and 4days. my fashion tip for expectant moms - dont buy baggy grey shirts that might look like wrinkly elephant skin. thoughts of elephants when you see yourself in the mirror are not good when you already feel huge!

am officially 38weeks and 2 days now - 12 days and counting until the due date. i'm ready for her to get here - even though the house may not be (and our bags aren't all packed, either).

oscar day

we planned a special day for oscar since he wont be an only child much longer! we went and had some pizza buffet, since pizza seems to be his favorite food. after that we went and played a bunch of games at chuck e. cheese's. he loves the driving games, but can't reach the pedals on most of them. this time he wanted to just shift gears instead of steering. we had lots of fun playing games, even though it was insanely crowded on a saturday afternoon. (last time we went was a tuesday evening and there were only a handful of other kiddos)

after chuck e. cheese's, we went to toys r us and let him look around for something to buy with his christmas gift card from uncle pete. he had so much fun carrying his gift card and swiping it like a grown up AND got some power tools, too. he was completely spoiled by the end of the day and we had as much fun doing it as he did!
i'm a bit nervous about how his transition to big brother will go. i'm wishing we had bought more books about babies joining the family, we have one about being a big brother that we've read quite a few times. i want to get him a present from the baby that he'll get either at the hospital or when we come home from the hospital. i'm not sure what it should be, but i thought about a new doll perhaps. it seems like it should be something baby/nurturing related... yes? we plan to have him at the hospital a lot while we're there so that he'll feel involved with greeting the baby. nana is going to come and help keep him entertained.

any suggestions on helping him adjust would be greatly appreciated!

new year's party

i remembered to pull out the camera at the last minute and get some pictures of our new year's eve celebration. it's basically the same thing every year, but this year i made us some new star garlands and bought some balloons for fun.

the puzzle was only 750 pieces, so we almost got it finished by midnight! we were only 30 minutes late getting it done. usually we have 1000 pieces and stay up a whole lot later working on it (and then sometimes get up in the morning and finish it).

i just thought this picture of lane was amusing... doesn't he look thrilled?


making christmas - harry potter wands

when i was re-doing the master wish list, lane saw on the old list that he had wanted a harry potter wand and he said he still wanted one. so i was looking online to see about buying one when i stumbled on some tutorials.

since we thought gavin might like one as well, we worked on his first so we could ship it off. we used this tutorial for a light-up harry potter wand. it worked out great, and seemed to be a huge hit. but when we got around to making one for lane and oscar, we ran into problems with light bulbs not working right. finally lane just ended up with a wand from this tutorial. since he hadn't known about the light up wands he was just as happy with the regular one, but we were quite bummed.
i'm thinking about trying to make him one that looks like the elder wand for his birthday, but with so many baby things on my brain i'm not sure if i'll get to it or not!

making christmas - bible tote bag

when i told danielle that i was making things for people for christmas, she requested a small bag that would be big enough to fit a composition notebook and her bible for taking to church with her.

so that's what she got! i even added pockets and slots for pens or pencils. i bought a few fat quarters for the project, but had so much leftover fabric that i use it for nana's rice bags as well.