jeremy, oscar and i went sledding with uncle chris today. oscar had lots of fun. he rode down once with me first and got mad when i tried to get him out because he wanted to 'ride!'

oscar riding with mama

oscar riding with daddy

uncle chris


let it snow

i was wishing so hard for snow while running around in a tshirt and shorts that i got some here in mississippi!

p.s. if you're still shopping around for a christmas present for me, i could really use a new sugar container.


missy's favorite baby stuffs - baby carrier

this snugli baby carrier was a HUGE help. it was one of jeremy's presents the christmas before oscar was born. when oscar was little he didnt want to sit in the car seat while we were in the grocery store, but he loved riding around with mommy or daddy. we used it every time we went grocery shopping. the baby can be put facing towards you before he can hold up his head. then once he can hold his head up he can face out and look around. once he can sit up you can use it as a backpack. i've walked around town a bunch of times with aaron on my back and oscar in his stroller. after about an hour with a 23lb kid on your back it does get a bit uncomfortable, but think of all the things you can get done in an hour..

missy's favorite baby stuffs - changing table

we've definitely gotten our money's worth out of this changing table/dresser. it was more expensive than the other changing tables we looked at, but i wanted storage.. lots and lots of storage because babies come with lots and lots of stuff. plus it's long enough that the wipes and butt paste (and newborn equipment like vaseline and alcohol and Qtips and whatnot) fit at the end so that they're handy when you need them. (actually, there's room for two things of wipes - one for oscar and one for aaron)

plus, once all the baby changing is done, you still have a good dresser to put clothes in. yay!


keeping busy

booby cupcakes

monday was the christmas meeting/party for work. after many requests, i whipped up another batch of booby cupcakes for the occasion. these turned out a lot more realistic looking than the last batch, but also took some extra time. they were a big hit.. they got a bigger reaction this time around, possibly because there were more hard-core pro-breastfeeding people there. there were none left by the end of the party.. several people wanted to take one home to show their family.

we played dirty santa and i got this ring, isnt it cute? i'm glad no one stole it from me.

after the party we finished up the christmas shopping and i looked for a coat.. and looked and looked and looked. i was ready to head home, but i stopped at one more place and found this coat. its not exactly what i was looking for, but its close enough. it also happens to be a JLo coat.. danielle and i were joking about my JLo coat and Hilary Duff glasses.

oscar and i also ran into santa while we were in the mall. he really liked talking to santa and didnt want to leave.

now i've got to finish up a few projects i'm working on for christmas, and wrap wrap wrap! (and pack pack pack!)


christmas lights

tonight we braved the cold weather (some places of business were closed today because of the CHANCE of snow) and went to see some christmas lights. we stopped at the gas station for hot chocolates and coffees all around. i discovered that you can get lemon juice in a packet.. like ketchup.. how crazy is THAT?
then we sang along with john denver and the muppets on the way to the display. when we got there they didnt have the lights on (boo!) so we found another place.. we got out and walked around. there were all sorts of crazy things like dolphins with santa hats and pink flamingos.
i'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a dolphin and a pink flamingo.. that green thing in front might possibly be a palm tree, but i cant remember.
here are oscar and lane by santa on a tractor.
aaron, danielle and lane at the north pole.

me and oscar by the snowman family.
here is jeremy wrestling oscar. he was SO grumpy today (oscar, not jeremy). he threw his biggest fit ever in the dr's office this afternoon. oscar now has ear infections in BOTH ears. i cant wait until he feels better.


last weekened

our tree is decorated and our stockings hung

we've been busy busy lately, as always. on saturday, jeremy and oscar packed up and went to hang out with noah and jenna. they watched some football and visited most of the day. i spent most of the day wrapping presents and had very sore shoulders by the time they got home.

here are some of the presents i've wrapped so far. i'm packing up ones that are coming to ohio with us

that night nana came and slept on the futon so that jeremy and i could leave bright and early for the saints game. we drove to a friend's house in mobile and then carpooled to new orleans. the game was lots of fun. i'm not a fan of watching football on tv, but i really liked going to the game. we got some red beans and rice for lunch and i had some cotton candy, too. i also made sure to clap for whoever the guy was from ohio state.

that night oscar woke up acting funny. he was shaking and his heart was racing and it didnt sound like he was breathing good, so we drove him to the hospital to have him looked at. it's just an ear infection... he's been taking medicine and being grumpy. here's a picture from today with his sick eyes. he looks so pathetic :( of course the bruise on his head doesnt help...

tomorrow we're doing some christmas shopping with nana, dr appts for aaron and oscar, going to see christmas lights and making more boobie cupcakes!



remember that chocolate cake in a mug i posted about awhile ago? well, i was in need of something chocolatey delicious this evening, and decided to try it again. this time i threw in some chunks of unsweetened chocolate from the bar in my fridge and a nice big glop of caramel sundae topping. i also didnt cook it the whole 3 minutes.. it was MUCH better. oscar and i ate the whole thing and we were both sad when it was gone.

here's a picture of oscar being sad.. not from a lack of chocolate cake, but because daddy left and didnt take him. tshirt from of gramma and grandpa, hairstyle by auntie danielle.


a visitor

i just made a midnight run to the post office to mail paperwork and check the po box.. on my way out i heard some shuffling on the balcony and in the stairwell and i was a bit creeped out.. then i realized it was a dog. i went to the post office and when i got back the dog was curled up in one of our chairs out front. i set some red beans and rice out for it, but it's just sitting there.. maybe it doesnt like leftovers?

this is not the first animal to decide to sleep in our chairs.. there was also oliver the cat. i dont miss having him around, he'd get under your feet while you were walking and nearly sent me and oscar head first down the stairs a few times.


a new tradition

the past couple years i've had jeremy saw off a slice of our christmas tree trunk for me. this year i finally turned them into ornaments. i'd had all sorts of wonderful plans for them, but i dont remember what they were, so i just mod podged a picture on each one with the date on the back.

here's this year's slice. hopefully we'll have a whole tree full of them when we're old.

tree fetching!

pictures from when we went to get the trees. oscar kept wandering off, so we took turns chasing him around. he picked the christmas tree this year.. we asked him about one and he went up to it and shook some branches and said 'oscar's plant!' so that's the one we got. the last picture is jeremy climbing in through the car window after tying the trees on top of the car.

poor santa

robyn posted about the advent calendar already (and beat me to it). so i've got this picture to add. i took this when i visited for christmas '05. i had told jeremy all about the one footed santa, and took a picture to show him. he's a bit blurry.