monkey bread

we made some monkey bread last weekend for our cooking together time... it was SO good! we used this recipe and oscar helped by dropping the dough balls into the butter. it made a lot so i thought it would be good for family game night. we ended up eating it all weekend!

reading/i need a new camera

jeremy took this picture of me and oscar.. i had been laying in bed reading and oscar decided to get a book and read too.. it was very cute.

my camera is having more and more problems focusing.. i think it's time to start shopping around. i'm not sure where to start... anyone have camera suggestions?

to the park!

a couple weeks ago i had to go to waynesboro to sign a new contract and since that would only take a few minutes, oscar rode with me. after doing my work stuffs, we went and got some breakfast and took it to the park for a picnic.

here is oscar eating his breakfast burrito

after breakfast we went to play on the playground. it was nice and empty and oscar was all smiles and ready to explore. but as soon as we got to the slide, cars started pulling up and kids pouring out.. after that he was more interested in watching everyone else, so no smiles...


playing in the sand

he loved the merry-go-round


six months!

on friday we celebrated jeremy's sixth month of being cigarette free! he got to pick a special dinner (dad will be happy to know he picked our sausage rolls) and was surprised with cards, presents and cupcakes!

oscar spent the day working on a card and a picture and practicing saying 'thank you daddy! good job!' he carried the picture around half the day waiting for jeremy to walk through the door. when jeremy got home oscar was ready with the picture, but forgot what he wanted to say.

i'm so proud of jeremy!


mother's day weekend

we had lots of fun this weekend, starting with lane's baseball game on friday night. on saturday, oscar brought me some flowers that he picked when he was at paw paw's house and jeremy picked up sno cones on his way back from the laundromat! i've been wanting one for weeks now, but they're always closed when we have time to stop.

cotton candy for oscar and jeremy, pina colada for me. mmm.

saturday night we had family game night. we played board games until nearly midnight and it was tons of fun.

i made waffles for everyone - some regular and some whole wheat

on sunday, oscar and jeremy took me on a date. here's oscar getting ready. we drove to hattiesburg to eat.. jeremy stopped along the way and picked me some flowers and i wore some in my hair.

oscar picked chinese food, so we went to a buffet. all the ladies at the restaurant thought he was the cutest with his little tie. oscar loved the fishes at the restaurant... after eating we went to target and i bought some clothes (YAY!!!!) and then stopped for ice cream before heading home. oscar got his very first ice cream cone.. he chose very berry strawberry in a pointy cone.. unfortunately i left my camera in the car and didn't capture the messy fun. after we got home he kept saying 'i want to take you to date' and i told him we had already went on a date and he'd say 'again!' it was a great mother's day!

boys baking

upon my return from the gold standard there were lots of mushy bananas and since we missed our friday night of cooking together, we made some banana bread on sunday.

jeremy looking lovely in an apron and oscar stirring in the flour


breastfeeding: the gold standard

a little bit about the gold standard conference i attended last wednesday thru friday

the two main speakers were dr jack newman and catherine watson genna. they covered a ton of information and were both great speakers.. (there were other speakers as well...) if i didn't miss oscar and jeremy so much i would have gladly stayed for a month. i'm already excited to go back next year!

kristen and i stopped at an a&w/long john silvers for lunch on the way to the conference. i got a pirate hat for oscar and some root beer for me!

jeremy hid a few love-post-its in my luggage.. this one was wrapped around my toothbrush.

out for dinner at someplace i can't remember the name of.. clockwise: sherry (our district coordinator), peggy, katrina, michele, cherie, denise, melissa, melissa's sons (i just blanked on their names, but my booby cupcakes had them blushing at the christmas party!), sheree, kristen, my empty seat, and lori (who was my peer counselor while i breastfed oscar!). we almost had the whole district, we were just missing christy, sirlene, cindy and anglia.

oscar stayed up late to greet me and get his pirate hat souvenir!

a camouflage party!

oscar was invited to patrick's 3rd birthday party. it was a camouflage party, and we both dressed in some camo. there were camo helmets, plates, napkins, dog tags, canteens and more.

patrick blowing out the candles

oscar was being a bit shy at first.. there were a lot of people he didnt know.

patrick opening presents with his mom (kristen, the LS for wayne county)

boys in camouflage (i was amazed that oscar kept that bandanna and hat on the whole time)

oscar was really interested in trying out patrick's new fishing rod.. i figured uncle chris would enjoy this picture.

scotie and patrick decided to sneak off with a bag of chips.. the cat helped eat.. (notice the red fish hovering around patrick's forehead.. is someone fishing for the cat?)

visit wrap up

here are some of the other fun things we did while gramma and grandpa were visiting:

lots of playing with blocks

oscar opened some presents

the men played with tiny ships

father and daughter concocted some low(er) fat sausage rolls

and baklava for dessert