i haven't posted on here in ages, so here's something new. i finally finished my apron! i had already made one apron, but wanted one with straps that criss crossed in the back. i've spent so much time working on things for work and world breastfeeding week that it felt weird to be working on something just for fun.

i only got one picture taken before aaron and oscar decided they wanted their pictures taken too

here is the front with two nice big pockets. it's a bit wonky as i used a pattern that wasn't meant to have criss cross straps.

and the back with criss cross straps. i've wanted an apron like this for ages because i dont care for the neck strap most of the time. and ruffles make me feel pretty.

and another picture of the boys - aaron is sweeping his head - and according to oscar's underpants, he's got aaron's back.


--r said...

the apron looks fabu! it doesn't look like you needed a pattern afterall.
cute photos of the little blondies too. i wish i could bring my blondie and come play!

Jennifer Taylor said...

Your apron is super cute - not at all wonky!

Hobo Mama said...

I love criss-cross aprons!