oscar's cake was definitely a process this year.. i started out with some instructions for a 3D dinosaur cake and some tips on working with fondant and went at it.

the fondant tips were very important because otherwise i would have tried to make the plates the same day as the cake and they would have flopped over. so if you're making a stegosaurus cake definitely do the plates a few days ahead of time.

here is the cake in progress. at this point we all went outside to fly the kite while i let my butter soften for the frosting.

the boys are always ready to help with clean-up (well.. clean-up that is frosting related anyway...)

the head flopped over at some point but i was ok with that. i also had some troubles with the moisture in the frosting softening the big plates until one of them snapped. also needed to prop the spikes up while the frosting around them firmed up. it was a bit scary for awhile there but after a few operations he pulled through.


oscar was very excited about all the people singing to him and blowing out the candles.
and then he got to pick the first piece of cake - he requested the head. the tail spikes were a huge hit and the kids all fought over them.

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