wow. yum.

on sunday jeremy and i made these stuffed pablanos for lunch. they were SO delicious! they were also really easy to make - a little bit of chopping and blending and then bake! we served them with some brown rice with a sprinkle of lime juice and corn on the cob. we really need a good green vegetable suggestion for with mexican type food. we ate them again for dinner and i just ate the last one today for lunch! i've already put them on the menu again for next week.

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--r said...

when mike and i went out for our anniversary, we went to a mexican place and they mixed in green peas with my fajita veggies, and they were awesome. i never would've thought to have green peas, but now i'm all about green peas with those flavors.
and of course, i'm also about a spinach salad (or just spinach with salsa on it :))

and love shutterbean! woo!

Missy said...

peas sounds interesting... might have to give it a go. we never have peas... spinach salad was the best thing i could come up with.

you're the one that introduced me to shutterbean! woo!

Missy said...
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