kristen's baby shower

so finally some pictures of this shower i threw a month ago! if you'll recall i had some inspiration i was working from, so the sources i can remember are listed in that post.

i really loved the umbrella with raindrops - enough so that i did an extensive search for THE perfect umbrella (nice shape, curved handle, color to match the party colors, not too expensive) i was happy with the one i finally found on amazon. it is now in denise's closet (raindrops still attached) for a shower she is planning.

i loved these little favor boxes - what a cute inexpensive way to package party favors! plus the decorations are a bit raindrop like on the sides, dont you think?

inside the favor boxes were massive chunks of fudge (2"x2") and these cute little umbrella charms i found on etsy.

water bottle labels

paper umbrellas for in the cups

here are the cookies that oscar and i worked on! i was disappointed by the color when i unpacked them. they seemed a lot more vibrant when i iced them - does icing fade?

kristen being showered with presents!
i made her a diaper cake (and forgot to take a better picture). it's basically prefold diapers wrapped around a bottle of sparkling grape juice and held together with diaper pins and ribbons. there are also some socks and washcloths tucked inside. since she plans to cloth diaper, these might come in handy!

cake balls. yikes. i thought i should give them a try, but they were very time consuming! also, if i didnt freeze them on the stick they would fall off, but when i froze them the chocolate coating cracked as it hardened! it was a nightmare. however, they were a HUGE hit. even though there weren't that many of us at the party, i didn't have to worry about taking any home with me! i did chocolate/chocolate for the chocolate looking ones and the white ones were spice cake/cream cheese.
i wasn't really thrilled with the cake either. but jeremy pointed out to me that i'm usually NOT thrilled with anything i make and that others usually think i did a fantastic job anyway. that made me feel a bit better.. and then the umbrella cracked in half on the drive there. *sigh*
but it tasted fine, anyway!

denise came early to help me set up and then stayed afterwards to help me clean up. she's the best! she's also very nit-picky about details, so just the kind of person i like to have around while i'm trying to set things up. and also willing to climb on chairs and tables!


Stacey said...

How did you get the umbrella to stay in the ceiling?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was also wondering how you hung the umbrella??

Missy said...

My brave, table climbing friend hung it from the ceiling with some fishing line.

Anonymous said...

How did you attach the rain drops to the string?

Missy said...

I can't remember if I just taped them on and let the tape show on one side or if I glued two raindrops back to back with the fishing line sandwiched between them. I think either would work, it just depends how much time you want to spend cutting out raindrops!

Anonymous said...

where can i buy the rain drops?

Stacey said...

I googled a rain drop on the internet. Copied and pasted the image into Powerpoint (2 to a page so they were big enough) and printed out a bunch of pages, then cut them out and used two sided tape to tape them together and to the fishing line. I also used a clear umbrella from Wal-Mart and focused the attention on my niece. Hope you can see the pictures below.




Anonymous said...

Thank you Stacey

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many raindrops you had to cut out?

Missy said...

It looks like 8 strands, 9 drops per strand. If I did 1 per drop and had tape showing that would be 72. If I sandwiched the fishing line between 2, that would be 144. You could do more or less depending on the length you want them to be.

Anonymous said...

Did you use blue paper on your printer! Mine is down. Could I draw them and cut them out by hand? And where did you buy fishing line? Tackel shop?

Missy said...

For the raindrops I made a template of the shape I wanted and traced it on blue paper. Then I cut them all with scissors. No computer or printer needed. The fishing line was most likely from the fishing aisle at a walmart store.Good luck!

Terri said...

I am so excited for this! AND with my Cricut air I had multiple sizes drops cut in a heartbeat! Thanks!

mackyton said...

Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures from your baby shower party. The theme idea is super unique. Umbrella with rain drops looking way too beautiful. How I can use this theme for my baby shower party? Already booked small venues in Chicago but needed ideas for successful party.