5 months

here is alice at 5 months old.  i just posted the 4 month photos 2 seconds ago and these 5 month ones look about the same. her chubby cheeks kill me. i kiss them ALL THE TIME. i also smoosh our cheeks together and enjoy the smooth smooshiness. i'm trying to soak up every second i can of this baby stage (which is quite obvious by the state of our home - but i can clean when she starts school, right?)

her biggest new trick is sitting up unassisted.  she hasn't perfected it yet, and only lasts for a minute before doing a face plant, but she's getting better and better at it. she is still loving sucking her thumb and fingers and is interested in grabbing EVERYTHING. breastfeeding is going great - it's hard to believe we were having troubles to begin with. after having such major supply issues with oscar, i can't believe she has had nothing but my milk! and i put those fat rolls on her thighs! ME! but soon she'll be wanting to try other foods (she is already watching closely). i'm going to put it off until she shows us she is ready and then we're thinking about trying baby led weaning.

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--r said...

what a cutie!! i still kiss sam's cheeks like there's no tomorrow.
glad to hear your bf-ing is going well. sam was super eager to find out about what everyone else was eating, but he would probably still be nursing if it had been up to him. you may be in the same boat with alice.
i have heard that kids tend to wean as soon as you get another bun in the oven (makes the milk taste different?) so it might work out better for you since you're planning on more little people.