handmade gifting: fire starters and firewood sling

For my brother the outdoorsman and for Jeremy I made some of these skull fire starters.  I'd seen a few different variations around the internet (These from ThisHumbleHome made with cotton rounds, and a few options here and here) and decided to go with flammable material in wax since it would travel easily to Ohio.  I used a little silicon-skull-ice cube tray-mold-THING that I got from the Dollar Tree around Halloween. I poured in a bit of melted wax (leftover candles) first so the face would look nice and then I shoved as much mossy stuff in as possible and put some more wax on top. I plan to try drier lint next, but I think this maybe looked nicer for a gift.

Chris also got a firewood sling for carrying firewood to his campsite.  I got the inspiration from here where they re-purposed a canvas tote bag. It is shown folded in half, but it opens up and lays flat so that you can load up wood of all lengths and then just pick it all up by the handles. This was made with a piece of canvas drop cloth, some pleather for the handles and then I used a freezer paper stencil and acrylic paint to make the picture on the side. I'm hoping to make one of these for Jeremy as well!

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