another friday night

last friday we made kolaches! mm! they didnt have filling at our walmart, so i ended up making prune, apricot and blueberry (because i had a bag of dried blueberries). the filling was easy to make and tasted good.. and i felt all fancy making my homemade fillings, wearing my apron -woo. i think we made them too big, but they were so yummy. i think next time we might try some cheese filling.. blueberry cheesecake? sounds good to me.

oscar seems to be having some trouble with l's.. he says w most of the time instead.. it's so cute when he asks for 'kowaches'!


Cynthia said...

They look absolutely fabulous! Yes, maybe a tad large, so maybe you don't eat quite so many at one sitting.

--r said...

mmm... blueberry...
i tried red raspberry preserves and they turned out alright. i still like apricot the best :)
we didn't have too many leftovers this year. i would still eat too many at a sitting.