friday night cookies

here are some pictures from our friday night cooking adventures.

an army of kisses

jeremy made a fancy hat for us

oscar wanted to wear the hat

me and the hat

taste testing

the finished product (i'm glad oscar's two nut-free years are up and we can have peanut butter goodies)


ang said...

Thats so funny, I just got a mental picture of all the different flavors kisses come in now.

mom h said...

ooooooooo peanut butter blossoms. Did you use the bisquick recipe? or some other? Yummy. I always want to make those on a cool day so that the kisses get hard again and I can actually pack them into some kind of container.

missy said...

we used the recipe on the bag of hershey kisses. i had to stack them very carefully that night, so that the squishy kisses didn't get mashed. (i also put a post-it warning, so that they didnt get shaken up) they kisses were hard again the next morning. they're delicious.. it's a good recipe

--r said...

the photos of the kisses headgear crack me up!
does this mean you can make the peanut-krispy bars? those are always a hit at our house. of course, now mike is hungry for these :)

missy said...

peanut-krispy bars?