crafting with the boys

last week i had a special crafty day with the boys.

we practised using scissors. i found scissors with 'lift assist' at dollar tree so that they're easier to cut with. aaron had a hard time with regular scissors but these were a lot better.

here is oscar cutting some triangles for his pumpkin

and here is oscar with his finished pumpkin. he glued all the pieces on all by himself.

and aaron glued pieces on his pumpkin. they did great with the glue. i used pieces of egg carton to put the glue in and then bent up pipe cleaners into glue applicators.

we also did ghostie toes. these were really fun. while the boys were coloring a picture i painted a foot and made prints. then i showed them how to make the eyes and the mouth. can you tell which one oscar colored? can you tell which one is aaron's foot?

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--r said...

i was hoping you'd have a post about the crafting. how fun! love the photos of the boys and their artwork, and especially the ghostie toes. i wonder if i could get sam to let me paint his piggies... :)