dino invites

this year we're going with dinosaurs for oscar's birthday. he was very specific about which dinosaurs he wanted on his invitations: stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and apatosaurus.

i'm not as excited about his invitations this year as i was last year and am wishing i had had more time to work on them.. but they'll get the job done.

we're very excited that gramma and grandpa will be able to make it to his birthday party this year! they'll be here in 9 days! hooooray!

sorry about the not so great pictures!


--r said...

you're amazing (as usual). i think the invitations look spectacular!
oscar is a very lucky boy.

Jennifer Taylor said...

No apologies needed. The invitations are fabulous, and the photos are good too. I love them! It's hard when you reach PERFECTION for your child's 2nd birthday. You have so much to live up to!