making christmas - harry potter wands

when i was re-doing the master wish list, lane saw on the old list that he had wanted a harry potter wand and he said he still wanted one. so i was looking online to see about buying one when i stumbled on some tutorials.

since we thought gavin might like one as well, we worked on his first so we could ship it off. we used this tutorial for a light-up harry potter wand. it worked out great, and seemed to be a huge hit. but when we got around to making one for lane and oscar, we ran into problems with light bulbs not working right. finally lane just ended up with a wand from this tutorial. since he hadn't known about the light up wands he was just as happy with the regular one, but we were quite bummed.
i'm thinking about trying to make him one that looks like the elder wand for his birthday, but with so many baby things on my brain i'm not sure if i'll get to it or not!


--r said...

thanks for posting the link. i know someone who would enjoy one of these for her birthday (and no it's not me :))

Ang said...

Gavin loved it!!! And Chris was just so amazed that you made it, that he's had me checking the blog daily for instructions.