oscar day

we planned a special day for oscar since he wont be an only child much longer! we went and had some pizza buffet, since pizza seems to be his favorite food. after that we went and played a bunch of games at chuck e. cheese's. he loves the driving games, but can't reach the pedals on most of them. this time he wanted to just shift gears instead of steering. we had lots of fun playing games, even though it was insanely crowded on a saturday afternoon. (last time we went was a tuesday evening and there were only a handful of other kiddos)

after chuck e. cheese's, we went to toys r us and let him look around for something to buy with his christmas gift card from uncle pete. he had so much fun carrying his gift card and swiping it like a grown up AND got some power tools, too. he was completely spoiled by the end of the day and we had as much fun doing it as he did!
i'm a bit nervous about how his transition to big brother will go. i'm wishing we had bought more books about babies joining the family, we have one about being a big brother that we've read quite a few times. i want to get him a present from the baby that he'll get either at the hospital or when we come home from the hospital. i'm not sure what it should be, but i thought about a new doll perhaps. it seems like it should be something baby/nurturing related... yes? we plan to have him at the hospital a lot while we're there so that he'll feel involved with greeting the baby. nana is going to come and help keep him entertained.

any suggestions on helping him adjust would be greatly appreciated!

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