doll diapers

oscar has been asking for cloth diapers for his baby for ages. he really wanted me to order him a robot diaper to match the one alice has, but they were out of stock for so long that i decided to make him some instead. i made this at night (finished around 4 in the morning), so the lighting wasnt so great for taking pictures.

i started with gerber prefold that got taken apart, a fat quarter of some cute fabric, and a strip of velcro.

i made a pattern on notebook paper for a diaper that will fit both of oscar's baby dolls.

i cut out one layer of cute fabric, two of the diaper fabric and i also cut a strip of the padding to fit down the middle of the diaper (in case oscar's dolls are heavy wetters)

i sewed the extra padding between the two inner layers

and then pinned the inside and outside right sides together, sewed them leaving a space for turning, and trimmed the corners and edges.

turned it right side out, sewed up the opening in the back, and placed the velcro. i did the soft velcro all the way across the front and the grabby side as tabs.

and here are the babies trying it out! oscar was excited about it and wants a whole bunch of them. i'm working on a second one so that both dolls will each have a diaper and will probably do a third, so that he can have a clean one to change them into.

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mom h said...

Too Much! We learn how to do a lot of stuff when we have creative kids!!!