gramma and grampa visit!

gramma and grampa finally got to come visit and meet alice after a couple delays. it probably is best that the trip was delayed, because a 3month old alice is more fun for company than a 1 month old alice.

grampa spent a lot of time entertaining boys. here they are watching a movie and grampa is about to take an afternoon nap. aaron also calls them gramma and grampa - so cute! it works out though, because he has nanas and a pawpaw, but no gramma or grampa.

aunt robyn sent down a bumbo for alice and she loves it! she likes to be a big girl and sit up and observe - no laying down - that's for babies!

i think grampa and alice hit it off alright..

here they are getting to know each other

and here is the momentous occasion - gramma started alice's gramma quilt! i'm so excited! oscar loves his gramma quilt and sleeps with it every night!

we had a little photo shoot on one of the last days and got some cute photos.

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--r said...

i know they had a great time. thanks for sending them back. sam didn't know what to make of church without them!