6 months

we've made it a half a year! since last month alice has gotten a lot better at sitting up.  she isnt quite as interested in sucking on her thumb and fingers, but has done some serious teething.  on paw paw's birthday - august 13th - she got her first tooth! and then today - on uncle pete's birthday - she got tooth number two! eek! she has been pretty grumpy about the whole situation.  i got her a little toothbrush/nubby thing and she LOVES to brush her new teeth.

even though she has two new chompers, she doesnt seem to be quite ready for solid foods yet. we're just offering every now and then to see what she thinks, but nothing serious in the grocery department so far.

i believe her last stats were 13lbs 14oz and 24in long. though i think the week before she was 25in long, so you never know about those measurements...  i'm not sure what the percentiles are. she seems like she's awfully small and tons of people comment on how small she is, but the chubby cheeks and thigh rolls are reassuring. 


--r said...

sam just said, "that's baby alice! i want to go THERE! i want to go there with YOU!"

she's certainly a cutie!

CjHenderson said...

Great Pictures. Glad she has some kind of quilt.