menu monday!

i was thinking i might start posting our menu every week since i like reading other people's menus for ideas.  i usually just list out 7 meals and then make them on any night i feel like it. i do my shopping on friday or saturday, so i'll list what we already had to eat on saturday and sunday.

saturday - corn zucchini lime pizza - this was really yummy!! oscar made a separate pizza - just for fun - with tomatoes and basil that he grew. he spread the dough out perfectly and had all the ingredients spaced evenly on top. i was seriously impressed! we were so wrapped up in pizza making that i forgot a veggie for a side dish.

sunday - greek frittata, roasted green beans, crusty bread - this frittata is amazing and easy, we love it.

monday - butternut squash and spicy sausage soup - i use an altered version of this recipe. i've mentioned it a couple times before - perhaps it's time i post an actual recipe.

tuesday - sweet potato burritos - these are yummy, i've made the two weeks in a row already. i add cheese and olives to the top along with the olive oil and cilantro.

wednesday - pizza and green beans - every week i ask oscar what he wants for dinner the next week and he usually tells me pizza and green beans (or broccoli.. or peas..). he understands that we have to have a vegetable with it and it gives me an easy cooking night, so i dont complain!

thursday - quesadillas - jeremy will be out of town and i have extra tortillas, so i'll probably make up some sort of quesadilla with what we have on hand.

friday - fluffy french toast with maple whipped cream (leftover cream from squash soup), eggs and cherries. we actually ate this last friday night.  the sourdough bread i got on the discount cart needed to be eaten, and so did the cherries that i splurged on (mmm).

so that's our menu! i have a surplus of canned tuna - so if you have any recipes that use canned tuna, let me know!


--r said...

i wish i was so organized (and actually made interesting meals)!

CandidMommy said...

I can't seen to post on the Snickers cupcakes- UM YUMMM

And I love your menu plans!! Please keep making them (=