8 months

another month older already! eek! at last weigh in, alice was 14lbs 13oz and 25 inches long. it still seems awfully shrimpy to me, but the fat rolls on her legs are still reassuring. she seems healthy and usually happy.

we think she may have said her first words "bye bye" - but she only did it for one day.  she was waving at people that had left when she did it, so we're pretty sure it was the real thing.  jeremy also thinks she says "mama"  she also says dada, but we're not sure if that's just babbles or not.

she is scooting/army crawling all over the place (she followed oscar all the way into his room the other day). she gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth, but hasn't actually done any real crawling.

she got tooth number FIVE on october 9th for gramma and grandpa's anniversary. tooth number 6 will be arriving shortly - i wonder if she'll manage to save it for a special occasion or if it will break through before one comes along. oscar was just getting his first tooth at 8 months!

and now she LOVES to eat yummy foods. she has become a cheerio fiend. i was concerned that she was only going to want cheerios, but it turns out that she just likes being able to pick up things that size and eat them. we mostly skipped over the spoon-feeding. her favorites are cubes of sweet potato, carrot, apple, and avocado coated with cheerio crumbs (so they aren't too slimy to pick up). bananas and peaches were followed by an unhappy tummy, so we're going to wait and try those again later.

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