Batman Birthday Lunch

I was SO excited to pack Oscar a birthday lunch in his Planetbox this year!! I bought some blank magnets that I used for Valentine's day and couldn't erase, so I attached some batman images with double sided adhesive and then covered them with packaging tape (because my contact paper seems to be lost forever in the craft closet). Now that his birthday is over I plan to change that top right magnet to just his name.

His lunch had cucumber slices with a bat symbol, grapes underneath cheese letters, peanut butter & jelly bat sandwiches with some extra cheese bats, cantaloupe chunks, some sno-caps and a tootsie roll pressed out and cut into a bat shape

We found him this batman funtainer at a discount store and decided he should get it with his birthday lunch instead of wrapping it up.

And in his big dipper for snack time were a few packets of batman popping candy and some snapea crisps.  Most of this came back uneaten and he came home with a 102.2 fever on his birthday, but made a quick recovery and felt good enough for his fondue birthday dinner and oodles and oodles of candy all weekend.


--r said...

So cool. Glad Oscar recovered quickly.
Can you explain snapea crisps to me?

Missy said...

Some sort of crispy snacky thing made of snap peas and supposedly baked though they have a similar texture to cheetos, I think... I guess they're for putting on salads.