Rainbow Party Decorations

 The long awaited rainbow party posts!  Pardon the extra super crappy pictures, was in a rush and using an ancient camera. Here are the decorations. A happy birthday sign,

 The windows had balloon clouds with tissue paper rainbows.  

 streamer rainbow with tissue paper clouds and pot of gold on one wall

A big balloon rainbow

And a tablecloth rainbow on the ceiling. This was one plastic tablecloth of each color, cut in half lengthwise and attached to the ceiling with clear push-pins.

We also used folded tablecloths with a white one on top to make a table skirt but still leave the tabletop white so that it didn't get too busy with the colorful food. 

A few instagram photos of all the rainbow goodness.

This was post party.  These decorations stayed around a long time because they made me happy.

A nighttime view of our rainbow windows from outside.   

Rainbowy goodness!


kim said...

How many table cloths did you use?

Missy said...

It looks like there were 7 tablecloths for the ceiling decoration - each one cut in half. I bought A LOT of tablecloths for that party! I'm glad they're only $1 each!

Anonymous said...

how did you glue table cloths to ceiling

Missy said...

We gathered each end and used push pins to hold them up