busy day

since i was a bit under the weather yesterday, i didnt get anything useful done, so today i:

made lemon bars for the breastfeeding class on monday

made meringues for the breastfeeding class on monday (this was a slight disaster... my oven runs hot, so i turned it lower than the recipe called for, but they still got a little too done.. i thought i'd try another batch, but stopped to answer the phone while beating in the sugar and the next thing i know i've got white soup. i ended up dumping it on a pan to cook anyway.. and i spelled out 'i love you' and baked that for jeremy.) now i have a bowl full of egg yolks.. what can i do with them?

i also made a few heart meringues for jeremy.. aren't they cute?

somewhere between batch 1 and batch 2 of meringues i worked on a few valentine's

and made myself headband to wear for valentine's day

i also fed, diapered and kept two boys out of trouble and cooked some venison fajitas for dinner. and watched juno.


Ang said...


--r said...

wow. you're amazing. i was excited to sleep and eat and feed one baby!