super bowl party

yesterday was our long awaited super bowl party. we did 'hot dogs across america'. i made super bowl xliii sign for on the wall, along with some photos and descriptions of hot dog styles found around the country. the main four were pheonix, pittsburgh, chicago and new york. i also used the scraps from the signs to make garlands for the windows and various places around the room.

there was tons of food. i made football cupcakes and football crispy treats. i also bought a couple packs of squirty bottles and printed some labels for them. the food and decorations worked out great, but our planning on the other end had a few problems.. we didnt have the time of the super bowl right, so our party started more than an hour into the game. AND our cable had been messed up all day. i spent half the day on the phone with the cable guy. we finally got to watch part of the game and had a great time, despite the screw up!


mom h said...

VERY COOL and clever!

--r said...

you throw the most amazing parties! sorry the cable didn't cooperate (how rude!)