phyllo fun

update: here's the recipe as per robyn's request.. have you noticed that most of the recipes i use are from allrecipes.com?

last night we moved our friday night cooking to sunday.. we were making spinach pie and i was worried the spinach wouldnt make it until friday. or that i wouldnt make it until friday. i love spinach pie!

so here is our lovely spinach getting cooked with some onion, green onion and garlic.

and here we're putting layers of phyllo dough in the pan. this stuff is so fun to work with...

our spinach got a good squeezing and met up with some feta, ricotta and egg.

and in it goes

top it off with some more phyllo, cut it up and stick it in the oven.

here's jeremy working on some potatoes to go with the pie.

the potatoes and pie emerge from the oven. ooo... aahhhhh....

while our spinach pie and potatoes were cooking we thought we'd play around with the leftover dough and different fillings.. here i am buttering a "cheese football" at lightening speed. it's got feta, ricotta, monterey jack, parsley and egg

here's what they look like inside

and here we have some pecan footballs for dessert. (we cracked pecans while the dough was thawing out.) they've got pecans, syrup, egg, and vanilla inside.

oscar loved the spinach pie but wasn't crazy about the potatoes. i really liked playing with the phyllo dough, and i'll probably get it again. jeremy and i were already thinking about other stuff we can do with it. i'll definitely be making spinach pie again, though i might buy frozen spinach to save time and $$.


--r said...

the spinach pie looks great! is there a recipe you could post?

--r said...

allrecipes.com is awesome. that's where i got my bar cookie recipes a few weeks ago.

mom h said...

did it taste like the spinach pie that we used to get?