shirt design

kristen and i stopped at cato's last week and picked out shirts to iron a design on and wear for our breastfeeding classes. we got caught up in the fun of shopping and i didnt keep in mind that i was going to have to design something to iron on these shirts (in a pretty pumpkin color)...

this is what i've come up with. i'm hoping it will look alright on the shirts, but i'm scared! i've got two iron-ons and two shirts, so i've only got one shot at it.. it was fun to get out the watercolors and paint something though!


--r said...

looks great!
i'm sure you'll be fine with your ironing, but i know what you mean... pressure!!

Hobo Mama said...

Wow, gorgeous!

My mom cross-stitched us Christmas stockings, but then procrastinated for months about sewing them together for fear of ruining them. I understand the pressure involved. I've found it's best to plan out your steps, take a deep breath, and then go for it!

If that doesn't work, you didn't hear it from me.