train party

i thought i'd do a post with some train party things from oscar's first birthday

handmade invitations using construction paper - very budget friendly! the ticket said:

All Aboard to Celebrate Oscar's 1st Birthday

Jones Station

Track # ---address---

Train departs at 1:00pm on March 15th

RSVP to the Station Master

---phone number---

Oscar's birthday cake(s). the train engine was chocolate, the car was butter recipe and the caboose was strawberry. baked in bread pans an assembled into a train. ice cream cone for the smoke stack, oreos with m&m's for the wheels, oreos as coal. some sort of fruity twizzler type things for connectors and top edge of the car. cute little train candles from a party store.

food train. taped down brown packaging paper and drew on some train tracks. pimento & cheese sandwiches and cream cheese & jelly sandwiches as train cars. ritz bitz and pretzel sticks for wheels. broccoli and cauliflower as trees. celery and carrot sticks as logs. spinach dip, choo choo chex mix and train mints.

a close-up of the sandwich train
train banner made of cheap construction paper. covered the high chair with red bandannas and made a little sign/banner for on the tray with some train stamps cut from sponges. lots of red, orange and blue balloons.

some railroad crossing signs around the apartment with all the balloons

time capsule station. a place for people to write notes for putting in oscar's time capsule (to be opened when he turns 18). i stamped some paper for that as well.

jeremy put down some awesome electrical tape train tracks across the floor.

jeans, overalls, red bandannas and plaid were worn

wooden train whistles from trainparty.com were wrapped in red bandannas and tied up with jute twine. the whistles were perfect. i'm so glad we got an extra one for oscar to keep!

oscar checkin' out his whistle

and the birthday boy in his sugar coma after his first cake & ice cream feast.


--r said...

i still think you should've been a party/event planner. you're too good!

Brintons said...

I ran into your blog from "party perfect" and just wanted to tell you that this is the cutest 1st birthday party I've ever seen. Congrats on plans well executed! I'm sure he was one happy boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you COULD be a party/event planner. You are so clever!

krissy said...

How nice! Compliments!

Kristy said...

I LOVE the table with the food display- thank you for your post!

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

I am so in love with your table setup! Those sandwiches are GENIUS!

hugs! Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

Terri said...

I love the sandwich idea, brilliant. Found you on Frost me,

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

so stinkin' cute!!
The table decor is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog on "party perfect!" this is such a cute and super budget friendly party!!! thanks for the wonderful ideas.

Emily @CreativeDisaster said...

Love it! Do you know who makes the cake pan you used? Great ideas!

Missy said...

Emily- the cake pan was just bread loaf pans. baked a bunch and then just sliced and stacked as needed!

Anonymous said...

I am throwing a party for my train obsessed 2 year old...you've inspired me to not do Thomas and be more original! Thanks for the awesome ideas and budget friendly advice!!!

Raleigh Momma said...

Wow...you are SuperMom! Everything is wonderful, thank you for sharing, I am gonna borrow your awesome sandwich creations!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this. What did you use to keep the mini cracker wheels to stay on the sandwhiches? Thanks, Kristy

Missy said...

Kristy - If we used anything as a glue it would have been cream cheese. I'm pretty sure they were just propped up against the sandwiches though!