T party

Today oscar was saying something about it being his birthday party and they were going to have Tea (yeah.. i dont know either.. i'm wondering if someone has a Tea set That he's played with?).. and i Thought, ok! let's have a Tea party! and Then i Thought but why have a Tea party when we could have a T party? so we did.

while we waited on The Tea kettle to heat up The water, we each got a letter T to Trace and decorate. we Talked about all sorts of Things That begin with The letter T, like Tickling Toes, Tea and Toast, Telephone and The number Two.

we hung our pictures up on The fridge and The boys enjoyed some Tea and Toast.

aaron was all for some Toast.

i have no idea what this face was about, but it was hilarious. This is what i got when i said, 'say cheese!'

This post was brought To you by The letter T and the number 2!

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--r said...

you're so clever! i hope someday i can come up with great ideas like that.
and i could actually see aaron's little blondie blond hairs in that photo of him and his toast!
what a couple of cuTies!