we're goin' to the zoo zoo zoo

the saturday before labor day we packed up for a zoo adventure in hattiesburg. they have the perfect size zoo for taking a small child. it was small enough that he didnt have any problems walking (instead of being in a stroller or wagon). but there were still lots of fun things for him to see!

we got to the tiger exhibit while a lady was there talking about tigers. oscar loved touching the tiger fur (especially the tail).

oscar is taller than a tiger! (well, the smallest tiger species..)

after seeing everything on foot, we took a ride on the train to cool off a bit. oscar REALLY wanted to ride the carousel, but i hadn't bought him a ticket for it. luckily he forgot about it once we got on the train.

after that we stopped in the gift shop and got a wooden train whistle for oscar. we also picked up a postcard to mail to gramma and grandpa and squished a few pennies. we got a squished penny album for us to keep all our pennies in (so far just the zoo and the fort). oscar told me what to write on the postcard and drew a picture for gramma and grandpa. he also picked out which stamp to put on it (homer simpson) and put it in the mailbox!


mom h said...

Ah, he had just the right outfit to wear, too! :-)

--r said...

how fun! sometimes a little zoo is all you need. your train photo looks a lot like ours from oglebay :)