whole wheat banana and peanut butter alphabet pancakes

this weekend i made some whole wheat banana pancakes for dinner.. i decided to try out making letter pancakes, so i put some of the batter in the blender to get the banana lumps out and thought some peanut butter might be yummy in them. then into a squeeze bottle for letter making. they were so fun!

oscar pancakes! we asked him what it said and he said, "o - s - t - a - r!!!!" (close enough:) the S was a bit tricky, but i think it was just because it was the first letter i tried to flip.. the next one was beautiful

special pancakes for jeremy, too

oscar trying to shove the whole letter A in his mouth..
i had extra batter so i made another set of oscar pancakes and some aaron pancakes for them to eat monday morning. isn't it nice that they both have five letter names?


--r said...

note to self: a squeeze bottle for the kitchen is essential.
what fun! how were the pancakes with peanut butter?

missy said...

yes.. the squeeze bottle was surely worth the $1 i spent on it!

jeremy said that he couldnt really detect any peanut buttery flavor, so next time i'll try adding a bit more. i didn't want to overdo it... but peanut butter and banana are a great combo, so hopefully they'll be good when i get them perfected. (i ate plain banana pancakes and couldnt taste them anyway because of the sickness.. the texture was good even though i used all whole wheat flour)