we finally got to go camping! i was worried we would have to go a whole year without a camping trip, but we got to go on jeremy's birthday weekend. oscar and i went early and hung up a happy birthday banner and some star lights and got camp set up so everything would be ready when jeremy got there after work.

we had fun just hanging out by the fire and making rueben hobo pies and s'mores and hot chocolate! it's usually too hot when we go camping to sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate, so it was awesome. oscar got a new buzz lightyear flashlight and LOVED it. it was hard to get him to stop playing with it and go to sleep.

in the morning my camera had a bit of condensation on the lense, which was probably not good for the camera, but good for a dreamy picture of my sleepyheads.

we spent most of our time walking around the park, hiking, and playing on the playgrounds. it was gorgeous while we were there. the leaves were all crunchy on the ground... i love walking in crunchy leaves. the hiking trail had large portions that looked like they were under construction and were not so pretty, but the rest was great.

and of course we made banana smiles.. i dont know how we lived without banana smiles before robyn introduced us.
oh! i charred some cloth for jeremy in a hobo pie maker and he started a fire with this flint and steel kit he got for christmas last year! i think it was the highlight of the trip for jeremy.. he was so excited.

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--r said...

hooray for camping! i'm glad you got to go and you had such a good time.
great photos (as always)!