halloween - ok.. last one

ok.. we've made it to halloween day.. i started the day by going to a pampered chef party. then i rushed home and made us some pumpkin waffles with cinnamon apples and pecans. and then we hurried up and got ready for trick or treating!

we really only got to trick or treat at nana's, pawpaw's, the washateria (how perfect!) and the gas station. here are some pictures from nana's house. once he got inside the first thing he said was 'where's the washer and dryer?' and then he fixed nana's dryer.

then we went to the church for the fall festival. i figured i'd post these pictures of me, since pictures of me are rare. and i'm wearing fabulous halloween tights.

there were some silly games

and uncle nigel took oscar and aaron for a ride

and then we finally came home.. all that work to get candy and he wanted to eat the apple on a stick...

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--r said...

looks like a great halloween to me.
p.s. any food on a stick is the best!