homemade shopping list

i'm working on getting my shopping down to a science.. complete with a shopping list layout for the store i always shop at. it's a really easy project and they actually seem to hold up better than most notepads i buy (and i buy a lot.. i think there are about 5 stuck to my fridge)

all you need is:

  • your paper (which can be a shopping list or just a pretty paper you want to make a notepad out of) you could probably find lots of cute free templates online.
  • scissors or paper cutter for getting them all the same size
  • a piece of thick card stock (i dont remember where this one came from.. i've used it a couple times now)
  • a flat magnet for the back. this is optional, but it's so nice to have your list on the fridge. i stole mine from a notepad i had used up.. it gets ripped off and reused a lot.
  • some clippies for holding it together
  • and some kind of glue. if you're a henderson, you'll probably use tacky glue (because we're cool like that). now, some people buy special stuff for this, but tacky glue works great.

get all your papers lined up and on the card stock and clip 'em down. you want to leave a bit of wiggle room at the top.

spread on some glue and try to get it all good and coated. it helps if you wiggle and bend them to one side and get glue all over. and then do the same thing in the other direction so they're all stuck in there good.

make sure you get some on the front and on your fingers. actually, i spread the glue with my fingers.. i've used a paintbrush to do it, but then i have to wash glue out of a paintbrush.

and some on the back. do a nice thick coat and dont worry about being messy (unless you're making them as gifts.. then you might want to be a bit neater... but in general no one will be looking at your list while you're shopping).

after getting lots of glue on there clip the top together. make sure you dont get too much glue on your clippies or they will get glued on.. really.. they do. let it dry and then do another layer or two if you're feeling saucy.

glue a magnet on the back and you're done!

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--r said...

yay! i love a good tutorial.
what's "hba"?