4 is a crowd

our 3 person tent is still perfect for us this year, but next year i'll have a really good excuse to upgrade! i love flipping through the camping sections of cabela type catalogs, so it's fun to daydream about getting a new tent. i keep reading things about foot lockers, gear lofts and built in cup holders - all of which i've never seen in a tent. i'm really curious about the gear loft...

this tent looks pretty cool, sleeps 8, sounds pretty easy to assemble, is orange, and has cup holders, pockets and a gear loft! sweet!


mom h said...

a gear loft is a shelf of mesh that hangs somewhere, usually near the top of the tent. cupholders sound like a good idea.

--r said...

our tent has a gear loft. we weren't sure what to put in it though. i think the only thing that went up there was sammy's bouncy ball. maybe mike's wallet and glasses (so he wouldn't roll over and squash them).
not bad for something he earned with "safety points".