what's black and white and red all over?

this past weekend i had a small new moon party. party favors included apple shaped note cards, vampire kisses (red lip gloss), twilight notepads and a new moonesque flower.

decorated with lots of black, red and white.
i think my favorite part was the candy-dipped wine glasses for the punch. i made raspberry candy and dipped the glasses and then let the candy drip down. Also made some blood splattered red velvet cupcakes using some raspberry dessert sauce, but didn't take a good picture of them. we also had werewolf kibble, oreos with red filling, lots of popcorn, and all sorts of black and red candy.
here it is all glowy during the movie
me and jeremy after the movie


--r said...

i have no idea how you find the time to be so amazing. i was happy enough to make dinner, do laundry, and mop the kitchen floor!
when i grow up i want to be my sister.

ang said...

I also want to be your sister when I grow up :)

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Wow, what fun and creative ideas! I want to try that candy-dipped glasses idea.