13 weeks

i didn't think i'd be posting a belly shot this soon, but i guess it's true that they start showing up earlier the second time around. i'm sure this is just part baby and part pancakes, but figured i'd share anyway. am already enjoying my maternity pants. my skinny pants got too tight and my fat pants are still too big, but the maternity pants are working.


--r said...

i'm glad that since little B is nice and cozy, you are too :)

Jennifer said...


Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

I switched to maternity pants around that time with my first one. ;) I was so determined to be cool and put it off, but I "tried them on" just for fun (or so I told myself), and darned if they weren't just the most comfortable things! I couldn't bear to go back to waistbands till after the birth.