mei tai carriers

well, our walmart has decided it hates me. which means they have gotten rid of the fabric department. i'm positive that i was not the only one upset by this, since it'll now be quite a drive for anyone in the area to buy fabric. but anyway- they had fabric on sale - so i bought lots.

i figured it was the perfect time to stock up on fleece for a few no-sew mei tai carriers. now i'm really not a huge fan of fleece, and i'm usually amazed at the amount of ugly fleece patterns that are available, but these carriers are too easy and awesome to resist. plus, some of the solid colors really aren't so bad. i also got some auburn fleece to make a special carrier for jeremy.

and here he is being a lovely model! the first picture is with aiden, the breastfeeding babydoll. and the second one is with oscar - who is now a tiny bit too heavy for the carrier. (actually, i wore him sort of to the side the whole time i cooked pancakes because he wanted to see what was going on in the pan and it wasn't so bad).

here jeremy's running around like a horsey for oscar. i used the pattern and directions from the fabulous hobo mama. she's completely amazing and always has great, honest, well written blog posts.

since the pattern leaves a LOT of extra fabric, she also did a tutorial (which is hilarious) for a doll carrier mei tai. so i went ahead and made one for oscar to try out. he was upset that i hurt the baby's eyes with my flash when i took the pictures. and now he just saw the pictures and i had to go help him put the carrier on - so cute!
i probably dont need 5 though....


--r said...

oscar is too cute. does he at least get an auburn one to match daddy's?

Whitney said...

ahh, our walmart got rid of its fabric section too! i was so sad! i LOVE the little kid mei tei... how cute is that?!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

So, so cute! I am impressed by how many you whipped up. I still have a stack to make for baby gifts: both the regular for the parents, and the minis for the older sibs. I love love love that Oscar said the flash hurt the baby's eyes. How adorable!