party favors

with most of oscar's robot party i tried to keep it as easy and as manageable as possible since there's a baby in the house and i dont have as much time to work on things. on the other hand, i wanted his party be be extra awesome because i didnt want him to feel like his party wasnt as good because there is a baby in the house.

these favor boxes were really easy. i ordered some mini rock'em sock'em robot rings, found some little candies, and used store bought chex mix. the containers were 3/$1 from dollar tree and i printed the labels up with each kid's name. and that was it. at first i thought there should be more stuff in it, but since they would also be getting a bag of pinata goodies, i'm sure this was plenty! plus, oscar LOVES playing rock'em sock'em robots and always asks to play it when he sees it in the closet, so those were right up his alley.

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