robot pinata

i thought it would be fun to have a pinata for oscar's party this year, since he didn't have one at his other parties. so oscar and nana both helped me paper mache our robot. oscar wasn't sure about sticking his hands in goo, but then had lots of fun with it until the goo started drying on his arms and making him itchy.

here is the finished robot. i did ribbons on the bottom for the kids to pull. we had to make this an indoor activity, otherwise as soon as we went outside with a pinata, all the kids from the apartments would swarm to us. i had two big fears 1) the ribbon to open the trap door would get pulled first or 2) the door wouldnt open when the right ribbon was pulled.

jeremy held it up for us since we didnt have a good place to tie it. they all got to pull 3 strings before lane finally pulled the winner.....

unfortunately, #2 was the case and the ribbon broke. paper mache is really strong when dry - lesson learned! so we let oscar yank the bottom open and chaos ensued over candy and toys!


mom h said...

you need to learn dad's tissue paper rip-cord ribbon method.

Jessica said...

Found this while frantically searching the web for robot pinata ideas. The party store just notified me that the one I ordered over a week ago is out of stock! This turned out great! I love all of your robot party ideas. Thank you for sharing. You just made my life much easier!